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Studio Assistant Role

We are looking for assistants for when the studio is manned, mostly In the evening but there are a growing number of daytime shows that will need assistance as well.

This roll is for anyone who wants to get involved in volunteering for a hospital radio but doesn’t want to broadcast. General duties will be similar to a presenter including:

i) Ward Liasing. This will include presenting prizes to patients who have won competitions, or visiting

a patient to show them how to tune into RHB on Hospedia.

There are many other aspects to ward liasing which will become apparent during the course of your


ii) Assisting with Requestline. This is our flagship show which is on air every evening. It may require

someone visiting the wards collecting requests from patients if the request collector is unavailable.

iii) Fundraising. RHB is a self funded charity and has to be able to raise funds for equipment,

maintenance, licensing, music and many other things. Most of the funds are collected by donations

but there will be times that it isn’t enough.

iv) Training. Assisting new volunteers with training. Please note that a presenter will not be able to

present their own show until full training is complete, they will however be able to present

Requestline as part of their training.

v) Answering phone calls, emails etc. and general house keeping in the studio.

This roll can be used as a back door into presenting. whilst some people find it too intimidating to broadcast on-air others can overcome their fears and turn out to be excellent presenters.

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