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RHB is looking for new, motivated volunteers to fill a variety of roles. These include:

Presenters, Ward Liaisons, Request Collectors, Fundraisers and individuals who know about

Marketing to help raise the awareness of the good work RHB does. If you are interested in any of these roles click the above to find out more. Please note we can’t take on work experience or anyone aged under 16 because of insurance restrictions and the length of time it takes to train individuals.

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Volunteer vacancies 2017

Ward Liaise/Request Collecting

We require ward liaisons to help with raising awareness of RHB and signing as many patients as possible onto Hospedia systems to increase listeners as well as collect requests when required.

As a ward liason/request collector your task will be to go on the wards to help with tasks such as logging patients onto Hospedia (Bedside entertainment and TV system) and tune patients into RHB, give out prizes should the need arise and to help collect requests for the Requestline show. Raising awareness of RHB is very important as the average stay in a single bed is only 2.5 days so there is a need to keep on top of patients logged onto Hospedia.

Other rolls may include as required:

          i) Fundraising. RHB is a self funded charity and has to be able to raise funds for equipment, maintenance, licensing, music and many other things. Most of the funds are collected by donations but there will be times that it isn’t enough.

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