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Dave Peacock-Seddon

I have been involved with the music industry since I left school back in 1990 (soooo long ago). I did my first disco in the summer of the same year and never looked back. Starting with small events and private functions like birthdays and weddings I progressed to working in nightclubs. My enjoyment of being a Disc Jockey finally took me to working in Dubai in the middle east. When I returned I joined RHB and never looked back. Radio work is for me.

I joined RHB In March 2002. After completing my training I joined the committee in November of the same year; a year later became the Secretary and kept this role for 4 years before being voted as Chairman in November 2007.

November 2017 I retired from the Chairman position after 10 years and took up the treasury position as well as program controller.

November 2019 I retired from Treasurer. I am now concentrating on schedules as program controller.

Over a period of 2 years it had been my goal to acquire a computer system to enable RHB to broadcast 24 hours a day. With the help and combined efforts of the committee, this dream was realised in the new year of 2008 and we now have a large range of programmes being broadcast.

My current show is on a Saturday evening 6-9pm, Party Classics. A lively mix of tracks you may remember dancing to at a disco, also in each hour is the bed dancing track. What is a bed dancing track you may ask? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Former shows which has been sidelined for the time being is The Pirate Radio Show, memorable rock/pop 60’s music from the days of pirate radio stations such as "Radio Caroline". The show was inspired by the movie "The Boat That Rocked" based on the 60’s pirate radio theme.

Missing Links. Each week a subject is chosen, I then select tracks that are linked with this subject, either directly or tenuously also encouraging other studio attendees and listeners to have a go at thinking of tracks that would work with the subject.

The Number 1 Hits Show, this is now on every Monday between 3pm and 4pm. I have been doing this show since 2003. It comprises of a random selection of tracks that have held the prestigious number 1 chart singles slot since the chart began back in 1952. The first number 1 for those who don't know was in November of 1952 and was "Al Martino" with a track called "Here In My Heart", it stayed at number 1 for 9 weeks.

My current occupation is a long distance delivery driver. I enjoy travelling anywhere I can afford to get to and I love to get away in my touring caravan with my family (yes I like to block the motorways). Although my music taste is what can only be described as very eclectic; my favourite band is Status Quo. It's just a shame they have only had 1 number 1 to date so I can't play them on my show very often.

The enjoyment of passing on my skills I have learned as a DJ and radio presenter to other volunteers and watching them progress at RHB keeps me passionate about giving my time for free at RHB. I spend up to 10 hours per week working in the background on website development, programming and scheduling plus other necessary administration that is not covered by other committee volunteers.