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Radio Hospitals Blackburn registered charity No. 703165


Burnley Hire Centre

JD Driver Ltd.

Kwickill Pest Control

Lodge Bank Garage

Pennine Fire & Safety Ltd.

Tool Options Ltd.


RHB is looking for new, motivated volunteers to fill a variety of roles. These include:

Presenters, Ward Liaisons, Request Collectors, Fundraisers and individuals who know about

Marketing to help raise the awareness of the good work RHB does. If you are interested in any of these roles click the above to find out more. Please note we can’t take on work experience or anyone aged under 16 because of insurance restrictions and the length of time it takes to train individuals.

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Volunteer vacancies 2017


  2.30am -THE BRADSHAWS - Created by Buzz Hawkins (see

  2.35am -RANDOM OVERNIGHT MIX Continued……..

  3.00am -A-Z OF POP - Richard Smith (another look at last weeks show)

  4.00am -MYSTERY TOP 40 - Paul Baker


  7.00am -A-Z OF POP REPLAY - Richard Smith (Repeat of the previous afternoon)

  8.00am -60’s - 1 hour of non stop back to back 60’s music

  9.00am -70’s - 1 hour of non stop back to back 70’s music

10.00am -80’s - 1 hour of non stop back to back 80’s music

11.00am -90’s - 1 hour of non stop back to back 90’s music

12.00pm -A&B LISTS - A mixture of tunes from the RHB playlists

  1.00pm -A-Z OF POP - Richard Smith (see


  2.30pm -THE BRADSHAWS - Created by Buzz Hawkins (see

  2.35pm -AFTERNOONS WITH LYNDON NEIL Continued……..


  7.00pm -MISSING LINKS - Dave Peacock. 1 topic, no tunes. A creative show where each week a new

topic is decided then tunes are played to fit the topic. The show usually has several

Participants. Listeners are encouraged to call and join in.

  8.00pm -REQUESTLINE 736885 (Telephone free from your Hospedia bedside console) -

Hosted by various presenters/trainees

  9.00pm -PIRATE RADIO HITS - Dave Peacock

playing memorable rock/pop 60’s music from the days of pirate radio stations such as

“Radio Caroline, Radio London, Radio Luxembourg”. The show was inspired by the movie

“The Boat That Rocked”

10.00pm -PEACEFUL HOUR - Stuart Wearden with tunes to calm the day